The Gadsden/Leon PACT is an initiative to bring together parents and caregivers of young children (birth through age 8 years) with staff from agencies providing services and supports for these children and their families to provide integrated, evidenced-based services in their community. PACT is a family driven, community based and culturally and linguistically competent system of care in which service and support programs see parents and caregivers as the expert on their child and then work with the family to understand how to improve child and family well-being together.

Gadsden/Leon PACT Goals
The goal of the Gadsden/Leon PACT (Parents, Providers & Community Advocating for Children Together) is to improve social, emotional, behavioral, developmental and physical well-being of young children and their families by:

Working with parents and caregivers to:

  • Increase parental awareness on what early childhood well-being means
    and how to ensure that children are healthy at age one, school ready
    by age 5, connected to services when needed and have a positive
    early childhood experience
  • Provide training and support to become parent advocates, family
    mentors and certified peer specialists so that parents can assist
    other parents in understanding and navigating the system of care
  • Establish family and youth support groups

Working with service providers and agencies to:

  • Provide staff training on how to work with the parents and
    caregivers of young children to assist them in ensuring the social,
    emotional, behavioral and physical well being of all children from
    birth through age 8 years
  • Increase collaborative leadership to ensure integrated and
    evidenced-based services are accessible to all children and their
    families in our community
  • Improve the medical community’s understanding of the connection
    between physical wellness and the social, emotional, behavioral and
    developmental well-being of children and their families.

Working with community leaders to:

  • Increase community-wide awareness of the importance of child and
    family well-being to improve community wellness
  • Provide activities for youth and families designed to improve the
    well-being of children and families in our community.


C-2 Projec Overview hand out 3-2014
PACT Governance slides Feb. 2014
PACT hand out 12-2014
Signed PACT MOU 12-2014
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